Communicative, functional art…it’s exciting to help a brand tell their story.  I like to work with people innovative in their thinking, business practices and products, and leaders in in their industry. I specialize in design and branding plans that bridge the gap between marketing, sales, product development and the consumer.

Twenty-nine years of professional experience in creating for counter-culture, lifestyle brands.  Services include:

  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Product design
  • Advertising
  • Photography
  • Art direction
  • Photo & video producer
  • Web design & building


Past Brand Clients:

Electra Bicycle Co. Goodrich Sound 4AD Records Hay House Publishers Redsand
Flora Farms Art Brewer For The Sender Global Access The Artist Odyssey
Haro Design Detrop Knits Rubi Supply Co Rimrock Ranch Thor Motorsports
Agua Surfboards Liz Hoffmann Rusty Giant Bicycle It’s a Luv Thing


And Band Clients:

The Paladins Nancy Sanchez Alex Woodard Cindy Lee Berryhill Freddie & Francine
For The Sender Whitney Shay Nathan James Blue Largo Nena Anderson
Skye Dyer Billy Watson Ginger Cowgirl Black Market III Cash’d Out
Blue Four Tomcat Courtney The Hayriders