Art direction & innovative design.
Creating beautiful functionality.
Design and branding plans that communicate and bridge the gap between marketing, sales, and product development.

Communicative, functional art. As a musician and creative, I strive to strike an emotional chord and to connect with the audience. It excites me to help a brand tell their story. Changing and keeping up with technology, generations, and trends keeps me ever evolving and never is boring. I choose to work with people innovative in their thinking, business practices and products, as well as leaders in design for their industries. I have 27 years of professional experience in high level branding of “cool” counter-culture lifestyle brands, youth brands, action sports, mainstream corporate systems and the entertainment industry.

I like my projects to run as organically as possible. I carefully cast artists, crew, photographers, everyone involved, because I trust THEIR talent. I assess and combine the talents of all involved for a greater whole. It allows me to guide a client’s vision through the creative production process, maximizing creative input and resulting in stunning work, happy artists and clients.


Nena studied Industrial Design at UCLA. She started airbrushing surfboards (Agua, T&C, Rusty) and designing logos at age 14 and never looked back. She is a rare combination of right & left brain; equally skilled at accounting, copy writing, and branding as she is at artwork. She prefers analog over digital in all things, but understands how to create in the 21st century.



Art Brewer
Electra Bicycle Company
Flora Farms
Hay House Publishers
For The Sender
Haro Design
Goodrich Sound
Patrick McClory Bodywork
Adrianne Smith Flora
Titan Displays
Cindy Lee Berryhill
Giant Bicycle
Agua Surfboards
Owie Pillow
Kristin Garuba Events
Pink Papaya Events
The Paladins
Bella D’ora Spa
Rubi Supply Co.
Nena Anderson
It’s a Luv Thing
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Belly Up Tavern
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